24 November 2014

Panda Here.. Panda There.. Panda Everywhere

Okay..now lets keep some track on what are the boiling news throughout 2014 !

First, Panda!!  I've been hearing many comments on Panda either, the good or bad ones, since the two Pandas are bring into Malaysia.

In sum, the Pandas are bring into Malaysia on May 21 to honour the 40 years of diplomatic ties between Malaysia and China. It is reported that, till today, China have forged "Panda Diplomacy" with 14 countries only. So, yeah ! Our country is the chosen one. So, let's  welcome them warmly.

Oops, I forgot to introduce our cute hero and heroine's name. Fengyi, the female panda had been named as Liang Liang (Pretty) and Fuwa, the male panda is being called as Xing Xing (Prosperity).

Some facts on Giant Panda, do check it out :)

Now, you can create your own panda using your stuffed bear ..wee :D

Gettin' Back Here

Oh ! Crap....it is more than a year after my last post. **Coughing and tapping away the dust and cob web** Well, first of all i'm sorry for missing in action for more than a year. I've had a few critical problems in life which makes me to worry about it more and not in mood to write. I'm not gonna bring my baggage of problems and trouble you. Stay positive and think positive. Why should we? Coz, the grass is always greener in the other side :P So, guys .. sincere apologies from me :).. Yoo.. peace eh :D