23 March 2013


She will never forget you because you were her True Love.
She might have erased your messages, but she will never forget what you wrote.

She might not have add you in Facebook , but she'll never forget you.
She might not start the conversation first, because she is afraid she might disturb you.
She might have ignored you, but she'll never forget you.

She might not be a part of your life anymore, but she'll never forget you and all the memories you shared.

Yea!! That is the Girl who truly loves you at heart but she was forced to separate with you because of some pressure and external reasons like tribal differences, family influence, different cultures, different religions, your appearance or style and many more…

She will always think of you and you will always be her true love though you are not together.

8 March 2013

Knowing Me ...

Bonsoir!! Je m’appelle Nesamani Raja Retanam... You can call me Nesa. I’m currently 20. I was born on 18 January at Penang. There is nothing much about me to be said. I’m just same like any other ordinary girl. The main aim of creating this blog is for my Foundation in ICT assignment. First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Foundation in ICT lecturer for coming up with such creative and interesting assignments or not I wouldn’t have taken any courage to learn to create blog. Okie...now let’s come back to my story.. I am currently studying at Kirkby International College as a teacher trainee. Many may think that it sounds cool and it’s easy to be a primary school teacher...but in actual life it isn’t...trust me!! I was schooling at SJK(C) Chiau Min in primary while SMK Seri Intan in secondary. I started to have an interest to learn Chinese language after mingling with my Chinese neighbour. His name is Chun Chu Keat I guess... I don’t remember calling him by his name, instead I used to call him Ah Boy.. He was my first Chinese friend. Being in the same housing area and our house are situated opposite, I spend most of the time with him and his siblings. He is the Benjamin of the family. He has a brother and a sister and still I don’t use to call them by their name. I called his brother as Ah Meng and his sister as Li Meng...that’s how funny I was...simply giving name...but not even once they comment about the names that I had given.. He was my very first playmate after my elder sister. Ah Boy and I entered the same pre-school... we shared much sweet and bitter experience together.... Every year we will celebrate Moon cake Festival together by walking around our housing are with colourful lanterns...and the most the most compulsory activity would be of course none other than playing ‘masak-masak’... I would be spending the whole evening with him playing badminton, see-saw, combining puzzles and so on.  After completing my pre-school education, we shifted to Kluang under some circumstances. Then I continued my journey of exploring Chinese till the age of fifteen and i only managed to get a B only for Chinese subject in PMR. After completing my SPM, I was working at Brem tuition teacher as an English and Science teacher. As I mentioned earlier at present I’m striding my journey of life trying to acquire as much knowledge I can, and I hope I can pass on all my knowledge to the younger generations. Talking about my family, i have a small, contented family. My family consist of five person, who are mom, dad, an elder sister and a younger sister.. Yeah...all are girls....Wherever we go..may it be wedding ceremony, temple, birthday parties or anywhere...the only question that will be thrown out to my mom and dad is “All girls? No boys?”.. To be honest, at times I feel sad why don’t I have a brother like others...whenever I saw my cousins and nephew taking care of their sister’s well...I regret for not having a brother. Okiee...now let’s move on to my favourites.. My favourite colour is purple, black, white and blue..This doesn’t mean that I don’t like other colours..My hobbies are reading novels or storybooks, reading blogs, surfing net, singing randomly...**even though I know how my voice sounds** and doing random silly things with my friends and sisters. My favourite food is none other than Nasi Lemak....my craving for it would never have an ending I guess...as every morning Nasi Lemak will be my breakfast and my favourite beverage is orange juice. That’s all about me..Thank you J